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Groupage Cargo Delivery

Groupage Cargo Delivery

Project carriages

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Do you need to deliver a rather big consignment of goods or equipment? We are ready to organize transportation of FTL and project cargos.

FTL are for one buyer and occupy all cargo space of the truck. In project transportations separate elements of a large unit or even the whole object can be delivered by several road trains. Goods are declared under one customs code and, as a rule, all trucks should come simultaneously to the customs clearing point in the country of destination.

Transportation of container in the standard semi-trailer


For FTL and project cargos we guarantee:

Timely delivery:

  • Our truck fleet consists of only new trucks not older than five years with trailers of the standard and increased volume and height;
  • We are ready to provide the required number of road trains for your project cargo;
  • We trace daily the movement of vehicles by means of GPS-tracking and we control the observance of the schedule of availability.

Cargo Security:

  • We are the IRU experts in securing cargo;
  • All trucks are equipped with full set of all necessary devices for a qualitative and reliable loads’ securing: the standard fastening set consists of 20 securing belts, 68 protective edges, 68 anti-slading mats.
  • All road trains have vandal-proof XL-certified vehicle curtains.

Daily notification about cargo movement on the route:

  • You can see the location of your cargo by any convenient method: at the client area, by e-mail, by SMS notice or by personal call of your manager;
  • We have regular mobile communication with every driver;
  • Each road train is GPS-tracked 24/7.

Damage protection

  • Each cargo (CMR) is insured for 1 million EUR.
  • We have transported over 36,000 cargos for millions kilometers;
  • If this is not enough for you, we can always help you with additional cargo insurance.

Absence of demurrage time and extra-costs at the border

  • We have own customs clearance department;
  • We check all documents beforehand, issue transit declaration and an electronic copy of CARNET-TIR;
  • We issue CMR and transit declaration is free-of-charge.

Intertransavto company provide for transportation of your cargo both a separate truck and the required number of them. They will arrive to the loading point just-in-time, so that to observe your cargo-handling operations schedule.

If you need to transport a large consignment of a high value (it can be dangerous as well), call us and we organize fast delivery according to your wishes!

Intertransavto Company will carry cargoes on any route you need.

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