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Groupage Cargo Delivery

Groupage Cargo Delivery

Oversized cargo transportation

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Do you have an oversized cargo? Its dimensions exceed the outlines of a rolling stock? Probably, it is a long-length cargo? You do not know how to deliver it? Some permissions may be required, but you do not know how to get them?

Contact us and stop worrying if you need to deliver indivisible equipment, building structures, production plants, heavy cargos or large-sized equipment. Intertransavto transportation company performs carriage of all kinds of oversized cargo.

Transport of agricultural machinery


Transportation of transformers.
Dimensions of cargo (LxWxH): 4,0х3,1х2,2 m. The weight of each transformer 10.0 tons.

Transportation equipment for metal processing.
Dimensions of cargo (LxWxH): 6,5х2,3х3,34 m. September 2014

Outsize cargo

Project outsized cargo 5 vehicles

We offer the owners of oversize cargos:

  • To plan transportation with drawing up of the transportation project;
  • To receive necessary permissions;
  • To provide special rolling stock from our own truck fleet;
  • To equip the vehicle with additional fixture for maximally strong securing a load;
  • To organize all necessary engineering measures for unobstructed travel of large-sized vehicles, for example, lifting of cables, dismantling of sign-boards, etc.;
  • To organize a specialized escort of several large-sized vehicles;
  • To provide online monitoring of cargo movement.
перевозка негабаритных грузов        Перевозка крупногабаритных грузов


You have contacted the right people. We have answers to all your questions of oversized cargo transportation.

We promptly deliver your oversized cargo to any distance!

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