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International Groupage Cargo Delivery

International Groupage Cargo Delivery

Full Truck Loads

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The company «Intertransavto» carries out international Full Truck Loads.

Full Load Cargoes are typically how cargo is handled and as a rule, it is for one recipient and occupy all the cargo space in a vehicle. Full truckload shipping allows you to save money by sharing costs.

Loading in this case can be performed at several warehouses located in different places, one or more vehicles can be used to transport different quantities of cargo. FTL shipping makes more sense when it comes to curtailing costs.

Transportation of Full Load Cargoes in motor transport is one of the priorities of «Intertransavto». On a tight timetable we will make import-export transportation of complete loads from / to Europe to / from CIS countries.

For full truck loads we use:

  • curtain semitrailers with cargo space from 89 to 95 cubic meters;
  • All vehicles are equipped with devices for securing cargo, such as separation boards, corners, chains, nets, belts, mats;
  • 2-tiered tents Doubledecks — they help to mix convenience and money saved: loading space like in two trailers, the payment — like one and a half;
  • curtain trailers — the possibility of loading and unloading from three sides.

Full Truck Loads:

  • from Germany
  • from Belgium
  • from Netherlands
  • from Denmark
  • from France
  • from Austria
  • from Czech Republic
  • from Switzerland
  • from Poland and other countries of EU


    • from Turkmenistan
    • from Uzbekistan
    • from Kazakhstan
    • from Tajikistan
    • from Azerbaijan
    • from Kyrgyzstan
    • from Mongolia

    Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France

    • from Russia

    Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France

    Average terms of delivery of FTL's within «Econom» rate:
    • Europe — Moscow (Russia): 7 days;
    • Europe — Saint Petersburg (Russia): 5 days;
    • Europe — Nizhny Novgorod (Russia): 8 days;
    • Europe — Samara (Russia): 8 days;
    • Europe — Yekaterinburg (Russia): 7 days;
    • Europe — Almaty (Kazakhstan): 15 days;
    • Europe — Astana (Kazakhstan): 15 days;
    • Europe — Tashkent (Uzbekistan): 13 days;
    • Europe — Ashgabat (Turkmenistan): 17 days.

      Europe – Belarus

    The company «Intertransavto» provides full truck loads transportation from Europe to Belarus.

    In Belarus, the company works with customers across the country, in all regional centers:

    • Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev
    full_truck_load full_truck_load_from_europe

    With «Intertransavto» you get not only the quality but also the choice of delivery options that will work perfect for you. Our expert staff always put the interests of customers above everything else. We are waiting for your application for Full Truck Loads.

    If you still have questions about the transportation of FTL, our specialists are ready to provide you with detailed information and to answer your questions.

    By the way, have you already chosen a tariff?

    Delivery time
    • Standard delivery by regular route. When delivery is not urgent it is better to save money and choose econom rate.

      Rational planning, optimization of business processes and permanent expenses reduction enable us to provide a minimal price combined with guarantee of cargo safety. 

      From 199 euros for euro-pallets from Europe to Moscow *

      *please, learn more from your manager

    • We provide the reduced time of delivery with our regular trip due to priority unloading. While planning this transportation, we reserve an additional trailer and driver for changing in order to provide quality and timely delivery.

      The head of transportation planning and organization department bears personal responsibility for the quality of execution of the order under this tariff.

      We guarantee the express delivery in minimal agreed periods. In case of delay through our fault we are ready to reduce the service cost.

      The price is lower than transportation by a separate small vehicle, and the delivery time is not longer.

    • In case you order the services under this tariff we shall mobilize all our company resourses  to provide transportation just-in-time. While planning this transportation, we at once reserve the trailer for changing, a light duty vehicle and a replaceable reserve driver. The deputy director on organization of transportations bears personal responsibility for the quality of this transportation.

      We guarantee the delivery in time. In case of delay through our fault for more than one day, we are ready to cancel the freight charge.

    Intertransavto Company will carry cargoes on any route you need.

    To get a quote for the cost and terms of your cargo delivery, please fill out this form.

    Our experts will contact you and answer all your questions. For more accurate processing of your request, please indicate your phone number with the city code or mobile company code.

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