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Groupage Cargo Delivery

Groupage Cargo Delivery

ADR Carriages

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Dangerous cargo delivery is a complex operation, not every carrier can arrange it.

Intertransavto has the ADR-License :

  • Our drivers pass compulsory training at specialized ADR courses.
  • We have all necessary certificates and permissions.
  • All our trucks are equipped with the necessary devices according to the requirements of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

We are ready to deliver your dangerous cargo of practically any class of hazard:

  • compressed, liquefied gases and the gases dissolved under pressure (class 2);
  • highly inflammable liquid (class 3);
  • highly inflammable solid substances (class 4.1);
  • self-ignitable substances (class 4.2);
  • The substances evolving inflammable gases at contact with water (class 4.3);
  • Oxidizing substances (class 5.1);
  • Organic peroxides (class 5.2);
  • Poisonous substances (class 6.1);
  • By-products of processing of animals and infectious substances (class 6.2);
  • Corrosion substances (class 8);
  • Other hazardous substances (class 9).

You can order us dangerous cargo transportation by a separate truck or it may be a few pallets as a groupage cargo.

We deliver dangerous cargos of 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 classes.

We offer optimum rates, guarantee safety and strict adherence of delivery time.

Intertransavto Company will carry cargo on any route you need.

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