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International Groupage Cargo Delivery

International Groupage Cargo Delivery


Preventing Groupage Shipment Damage

Groupage shipping is a great way to reduce the costs when it comes to overall shipping costs but there are some precautions that you will need to take to ensure that your goods are not damaged during shipping. With a few tips and tricks you will be able to rest assured knowing that you have taken every step possible to avoid damaging your goods.

What is Groupage Shipping?

Groupage shipping is exactly what it sounds like, it is when you have a load that is between 1000 and 20000 pounds and it is not a full trailer load. Your goods “share” the ride with other people’s/businesses goods! It is a cost saving way to use shipping options more effectively. It is also a very eco friendly way to ship less than a trailer load of goods.

Of course your goods do not get the individualized attention that they might get when they are shipped alone and you cannot control the packaging that other businesses use in this setting but you can easily prevent damage to your goods with a few simple steps.

Use the Right Shipping Packaging

One of the best ways to reduce the risk to your goods is to use shipping packaging that is going to protect your goods. Most groupage shipping concerns have rules in place for how to package your goods and with good reason. There are some packaging options that you want to AVOID like:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Plastic pallets
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Boxes that are too large for your goods
  • An overabundance of packaging materials

Cardboard boxes are a bad idea for so many reasons. They are bad for the environment, they are not durable enough to withstand shipping and they do not hold up well when they come in contact with moisture but there is one circumstance where you can use this type of shipping packaging that is talked about below.

Plastic pallets are studier than cardboard by far BUT still not an ideal option in a groupage shipping situation because, plastic tends to slide around a great deal, which can cause it to crash into other goods and even topple them over. Plastic can also easily crack under substantial weight.

truck full of wooden pallets

Shrink wrapping may seem like an inexpensive solution for palletized goods but shrink wrapping provides ZERO security against unauthorized entry and product tampering. It also generates quite a bit of waste because it is not a reusable material. Not to mention how costly to the environment it is to create shrink wrap.

Too large containers are also a no-no, of course you may be stuck between a rock and a hard place and find yourself unable to make your container flexible enough for your goods unless you use this one type of shipping option.

An overabundance of packaging materials is not necessary if you use this one type of option that will solve most of your groupage shipping risks!

The ONE!

Now that all the NOT TO USE options have been covered it is time to reveal what you should be using in a groupage shipping scenario.  This one option is a favorite of many businesses and it is also favored by the carriers because it offers durability and prevents unauthorized entry. It is:

  • Flexible
  • Cost effective
  • Eco friendly
  • Ensures the safety of your goods during transport

It sounds almost like a magical fix and you may even be surprised by the option because it is actually a time honored option with a little modern twist.

The best option? Wooden pallets with wood pallet collars! Such a simple tool to use to ensure the safety of your goods yet one of the most effective and flexible ways to ship.

Why Wooden Pallets?

Wooden pallets, unlike their plastic counterparts, are durable. They do not slide around like plastic pallets and they offer a nice strong weight bearing ratio for your load. They are completely recyclable, reusable and they are actually less stress on the environment to manufacture. Pallets have long been held as the shipping packaging option since the 1940’s when they largely replaced cardboard boxes.

They can be stacked relatively easily.

Not Without Pallet Collars!

Wooden pallets are the ideal shipping conveyance but they are only ideal for groupage shipping when you combine them with pallet collars.

Pallet collars are used to create a durable, scalable box out of a pallet. Unlike other options, like shrink wrap they are also a deterrent to unauthorized entry. They are very easy to assemble without any tools and can be used to scale the size of the container by simply stacking the collars one on top of the other.

Adding pallet collars means that you can create the shipping container size that you need which means you can easily reduce the amount of packaging material that has to be used in the process. Being able to save space also can reduce costs when you are shipping via groupage services.


Wooden pallets coupled with pallet collars are a win-win situation that can pay off nicely. You can save money, protect your goods from damage and unauthorized entry and reduce your overall shipping costs.

They are inexpensive, reusable, one of the most durable shipping packaging options and they are a universal option. In most every country of the world pallets are used for logistics which means that in most every country in the world typically has the equipment to deal with this type of packaging safely!

One More Thing

Of course another thing you should keep in mind, it really is an important part of the process to choose a reliable carrier. The right carrier will have the expertise to ensure that goods are loaded right and treated well during the shipping process. They will also have strict requirements for handling when it comes to which type of packaging should be used.

Working closely with the carrier can help you to get the results that you need and the outcome that you want.