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International Groupage Cargo Delivery

International Groupage Cargo Delivery


International transportation rules in Russia will change

According to order of Transportation Ministry of Russia, starting from January 1, 2017 new forms of international cargo transportation permits will come into operation.

There will be three types of forms:

One-time permit for cargo transportation through Russia from territory or to territory of third countries.

Multi permit for transportations along concrete routes.

One-time permit to enter Russia for a truck belonging to a foreign person. It will fit only transporters performing infrequent carriages.

Regulations of filling forms will change. Place of loading and unloading, place and date of arrival to Russia. Entering Russia with an empty trailer one will have to fill in initial and final route points.

An unfully filled in form will be accepted as invalid.

The measure is aimed at reduction of foreign cabotage transporters functioning in Russia. They usually carry cargoes at prices lower than market price.

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