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International Groupage Cargo Delivery

International Groupage Cargo Delivery


Belarusian carriers have to finish registration in the Plato system by April, 15

Belarusian transportation companies have to finish the registration in the Plato system. The procedure has to be finished by April, 15. One day route cards will be out of use since this day. At the mean time carriers execute them in simplified mode, specifying the minimum of information.

The expiry period of regular route cards will be reduced from 30 to 7 days.

As business development director of PT-Invest Transportation systems LTD stated, the terms were reduced according to statistics which illustrates that cards mainly used no longer than 1-3 days. Moreover, carriers have to alter their route often. When travelling a big distance, it is more convenient for them to take several cards for shorter distances and shorter time. It is easier to change cards for a certain part of road, not for the whole transportation.

As Plato representative claimed, registration is simple; it is possible to finish it online or in service centers. There are 138 of them in Russia.

Having registered users will be able to execute route cards, refill account, register vehicles in personal cabinet or in an app. It is available for free download.

One more novelty in the Plato system will come into effect on April 15 as well. It will affect Russian transportation companies only. They will be enabled to make post payment.

Intertransavto has registered in the Plato system early and pays for its every transportation to or from Russia prior to departure.

Sourced from БЕЛТА