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International Groupage Cargo Delivery

International Groupage Cargo Delivery


2015 results: record breaking groupage delivery

In Intertransavto we decided to recollect the most remarkable deliveries of the last year.

In March 2015 we broke a record in number of loadings within one transportation. Viktor Narkevich was driving. By that moment he has been working for Intertransavto for 6 years.

In general, that trip Viktor performed 30 loadings and departed to Kazahstan from Germany with full trailer.

One Friday appeared to be really tensed. In one day Viktor had to pick up cargoes in 9 different places. They all were located in industrial zone of Germany. Loading, checking papers, navigating to the next point fast and on time is possible only in well-coordinated team of a driver and his lead. Alexander Gudovich was a lead of that trip. Both Viktor and Alexander had to keep the pace, knowing that deep sleep will be guaranteed later.

The trip was special for Viktor due to one more reason. Right after arrival to Belarus he was promoted to the head of the motor column. Currently he works from the office, preparing drivers for trips and missing road lifestyle.

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