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International Groupage Cargo Delivery

International Groupage Cargo Delivery


Delivery of underwater positioning system unit from Lithuania to Azerbaijan

One of the most valuable cargoes of 2015 we carried in July. It was the transportation from Vilnius to Baku. A large European company (we cannot mention its name) ordered delivery of underwater positioning system unit Kongsberg Dual HiPAP 501 with components kit.

It was solid 12-meter length equipment. It costs over than fifteen hundred thousand dollars and is installed on marine vessels.

Intertransavto CMR-insurance covers 1 million euro. To insure the cargo additionally we requested our insurance service. Usually it takes 2 days to get the approvement. We provided covering documents and accurate route, payed for the insurance.

We needed to load it from the top with the help of crane. We selected a trailer with removable deck, a driver was instructed how to deal with the cargo additionally. To fasten the equipment and keep it stable we put traction mats under the it and strengthened it with straps and separation boards. During the carriage the driver stuck to safe speed limit to provide extra stability.

The transportation went well, we finished it in 11 days.

valuable_cargo valuable_cargo_delivery

Delivering high value cargo with Intertransavto, you can feel calm because:

  • Our every cargo insured for 1 mln euro;
  • We provide additional insurance. We work only with the tested and reliable insurance companies having substantial resources;
  • We have the right to transport valuable and expensive cargos without escort on the territory of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which reduces your expenditure. We have license of the customs carrier;
  • We issue all transit papers by ourselves to enter the territory of Customs Union. You do not need to resort to the assistance of intermediaries for registration of guarantees at the borders and to bear additional charges;
  • We completely supervise each kilometer of the route by means of GPS-monitoring and direct communication with drivers;
  • All our vehicles are supplied with complete sets for reliable cargo fastening. 100 of our trailers are covered by vandal-proof XL-certified vehicle curtains.

To deliver your cargo with Intertransavto just send us a request

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