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International Groupage Cargo Delivery

International Groupage Cargo Delivery

Company's history

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  • Intertransavto got SQAS CEFIC certificate with an outstanding score - 60 points.


  • At the beggining of 2015 Intertransavto Company won 3rd place at the contest of Dzerzhinsk District Executive Committee in nominaton «Best organization among the subjects of big and medium-size business», according to the results of 2014.

  • 182 own trucks — all EURO-5 and up to 5 years.
  • ITA got another certificate from the Belarusian Association of International Forwarders «BAIF», confirming it's membership in this association.

  • Intertransavto — Best  International Road Carrier of 2014 in the category of more than 50 vehicles, according to the BAMAP association.

  • Intertransavto received the Diploma of the Belarussian Association of International Forwarders in competition «Forwarder of the Year — 2014» in the nomination «Fidelity to a professional duty for 15 years».


  • Intertransavto and Intertransexpeditiya were included in the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations «FIATA».
  • New Web site of Intertransavto company was developed and went online.
  • Company branch-office in Kazakhstan received access to the TIR procedure, which simplifies the process of cargo clearance while crossing borders.
  • We received the status of a customs carrier in Russia.
  • Intertransavto and Intertransexpeditiya became a full-fledged member of the Belarussian Association of International Freight Forwarders.
  • ITA provides it's clients with the possibility of tracking cargo real time.
  • In July, the company Intertransavto-Smolensk joined the Association of International Road Carriers of Russia (ASMAP). That fact confirmed ITA's credibility in Russian market of international freight forwarders. Participation in ASMAP gives us additional opportunities for cargoes' transportation.

  • In September, the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation included Intertransavto-Smolensk in the register of customs carriers.
  • In July, Intertransavto-Kostanay became a full member of the Union of International Road Carriers of the Republic of Kazakhstan (KazATO).

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intertransavto Andrey Smolar won the contest «Man of Business 2014» for the significant contribution to the development of foreign economic relations of Belarus.

  • Our driver Oleg Ermolenko became the winner of the special prize of Minsk City Executive Committee «Man of the Year of Minsk region». It is the very first time when such award was given to a long-distance driver.
  • Our drivers Dmitry Bobok, Oleg Velent, Sergei Goroshchenya, Oleg Ermolenko, Alexander Zhuk and Valery Bychkouski were awarded an honorary diploma of the International Road Transport Union (IRU) for outstanding achievements in perfect and safe driving.
  • In February in Geneva in the International Conference Centre «CICG» under the auspices of the International Road Transport Union «IRU» the 10th Symposium of Lawyers — «Members of the global logistics and road transport operators: their roles, interaction and interdependence» was held. Vladimir Sergeev, managing director of Intertransavto, contributed to the symposium by making a report «Practical impact of intermediaries» in the section «Future vision from carriers' point of view».
  • In September, in the capital of Turkmenistan Ashgabat the international high-level conference «The role of transit transport corridors to ensure international cooperation and sustainable development» was held. Alexander Golovchuk, the representative of Intertransavto participated in the conference. The conference resulted in the Ashgabat Declaration, several important contracts were signed.


  • Intertransavto is a dynamically developing company with more than 300 employees. The truck fleet exceeded 130 cars — all up to 5 years. The company purchased an office in Minsk and organized branch work there. Intertransavto finished all engineering preparation for the construction of a logistics center, trucks parking. Systematic training of technical staff on the basis of daily micro-trainings, weekly exchange of knowledge, monthly training with invited business trainers were organized. Also, once a year, leading business coaches such as Radmilo Lukich and Alexander Levitas were invited.
  • ERP-system of our own design was implemented.
  • In Kazakhstan, in the city of Kostanay, LLP Intertransavto-Kostanay was founded. The company organized trucks' replacement between vehicles registered in Belarus with Kazakhstan there.


  • The truck fleet increased to 120 trucks.
  • Intertransavto-Smolensk in Russia was founded. The company organized trucks' replacement between vehicles registered in Belarus with Russia – it helped to reduce the time of cargo delivery. Further transportation is carried out by rested drivers.
  • Implementation of standard — «all maintenance and service works should take no more than 3 hours».
  • Intertransavto received the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate and the certificate of inclusion in the register of customs carriers.
  • The company purchased 1.5 hectares land property, designed a project and started cross-dock facility engineering and construction.
  • Intertransekspeditsiya Company was awarded the title «Honorary Entrepreneur of 2011».

  • Intertransavto won the IRU contest as the «Best Eurasian International Haulier of 2011» in the category of more than 50 vehicles, becoming the first winner in this category among transport companies of the CIS.

  • Intertransekspeditsiya received the Diploma of the Association of International Freight Forwarders (BAIF) in the competition «Forwarder of the Year 2011», in nomination «For the introduction of new technologies and professional development».


  • The truck fleet increased to 100 trucks — all up to 5 years. Intertransavto employs more than 200 people.
  • Truck fleet was renewed; quality systems that meet international standards were implemented.
  • Office building was renovated and two additional floors were added. Total office area increased by 450 m². Asphalt coating was also repaired. Company began developing own corporate ERP-system.
  • National Bank of the Republic of Belarus permitted to increase company liability insurance limit up to 1 million EUR.
  • Chairman of Board of the Directors Andrei Smolyar was named the best top-manager of the International Road Transport Union (IRU).

  • Intertransekspeditsiya — «Best entrepreneur-exporter of 2010».

  • Intertransavto — «Best Entrepreneur of the Republic of Belarus of 2010».

  • Intertransavto received the Certificate of the IRU for social programs provided to employees and got the title «Best Eurasian international hauler of 2010».

  • Andrey Smolar — became an honorable businessman and winner of the special prize of Minsk Region Executive Committee — «Man of the Year of Minsk Region of 2010».

  • Intertransavto — «Best International Road Carrier of 2010», according to BAMAP association.


  • High-quality and stable operation of the enterprise, high level of corporate social responsibility continue to attract new clients, interesting projects and additional income, but also new, this time government, awards.
  • We are especially proud of the fact that the activities of Intertransavto in 2010 were approved by UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon. As a result Intertransavto became a full-fledged member of the United Nations Global Compact — numerous international initiative in the sphere of corporate social responsibility. Thus, we confirmed our willingness to continue further work upon creation favorable working conditions for our staff, implementation of international standards, improvement of service quality and social investment for the company and people of the Republic of Belarus to benefit.

  • Our fleet increased to 90 trucks.
  • Intertransekspeditsiya was awarded the «Best Entrepreneur of 2009» diploma in the nomination «The best enterprise-exporter».

  • Intertransavto won the contest «Best Entrepreneur of Minsk Region of 2009».

  • The company once again received the award from the Association of International Road Carriers «BAMAP» — «Best International Road Carrier of 2009» in the category of more than 50 vehicles.

  • Anti-crisis program of Intertransavto was recognized by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) as the most efficient on the territory of the CIS.


  • The company continues to promote quality development. The main focus is on the implementation of ISO quality standards.
  • Intertransavto is certified in accordance with standards of quality management system (STB ISO 9001-2009), environmental management system (STB ISO 14001-2005), OSH management system (STB 18001-2009).
  • The company received first awards. LLC Intertransavto is recognized by BAMAP association as the «Best International Road Carriers of 20087 in the category of up to 50 vehicles.

  • Intertransavto — «Best Entrepreneur of Minsk region of 2008» in the nomination «Best Entrepreneur in the sphere of rendering services to entrepreneurs».

  • Truck fleet increased by 10%.
  • Employees of Intertransavto took training «The practice of selling services», held by IPM Business School.


  • Intertransavto expanding rapidly. 70 new workplaces were created. At the beginning of the year truck fleet of the company doubled. The company owned 50 vehicles — all up to 5 years. That improves the quality of services, reliability of transportation and ensures safety of cargoes.
  • By the end of the year crisis has hit global freight market. Freight rates and freight traffic decreased — some years were needed for market recovery. Executives of Intertransavto developed anti-crisis program which involved rapid response to changing market conditions. We worked in three directions simultaneously: reducing cost of services, improving quality of services, increasing profits of the company. The company optimizeed business processes and provided personnel training, without reducing marketing and advertising investments. Instead of expanding the fleet, funds were invested in its qualitative renewal. As a result of the anti-crisis program cost saving services reduced by 40%. Experience and qualification of Intertransavto personnel helped company to weather the storm.


  • Company was restructured, with freight forwarding, logistics and cargo delivery divisions. The private unitary forwarding enterprise Intertransekspeditsiya was founded. The range of services expanded due to logistic consulting, forwarding services, customs clearance and cargo insurance.
  • The company continued to develop, truck fleet increased, business processes were being optimized, and the professional level of the personnel grew.


  • Since May 1st company office and production facilities have been located in Dzerzhinsk — 30 kilometers away from Minsk, on the strategic route of the international cargo transportation Moscow-Brest (М1).
  • Own territory helped to avoid rental expenses. Own base of the company allowed to provide high-quality vehicle maintenance services before their dispatch and after return. Employees got an opportunity to attend training courses.
  • The personnel received all necessary conditions for comfortable and fruitful work.


  • The company developed rapidly. Truck fleet increased up to 20 own vehicles. Intertransavto purchased state motor transport establishment in Dzerzhinsk and started reconstruction of the administrative building and service.


  • The basic part of profit was invested into production development. Company invested not only in the truck fleet and production facilities strengthening, but also in the personnel. Working conditions became more comfortable, the system of motivation refined. The contracts for delivery of 3 new Mercedes-Atego and 2 Scania trucks were concluded.
  • Intertransavto became a full-fledged member of the Association of International Road Carriers «BAMAP».


  • International transportation of groupage cargoes became the priority of Intertransavto. Automation and optimization of all business processes emphasized. Company executives improved methods of work.
  • On March 17, 2000 Intertransavto LLC started its business in rented premises in Minsk (Belarus). Company truck fleet consisted of only three used small-capacity trucks.