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Groupage Cargo Delivery

Groupage Cargo Delivery

Our Advantages

Contact our service centers in Belarus +375-1716-99000


  • We have been in operations since 2000!
  • We have had over 36 000 cargo transportations;
  • Company-owned office, truck fleet and service station are located in one place;
  • License for security guard activities;
  • More than 470 highly qualified specialists;
  • Corporate training programs for employees;
  • Annual testing of drivers and employees on compliance with our standards;
  • More than 1500 partners around the world;
  • Company-owned modern truck fleet;
  • Financial stability of the company;
  • Over 1000 requests per month;
  • We are an award winning company «Best entrepreneur-exporter of 2009», «Best Entrepreneur of the Republic of Belarus of 2010», «Best Eurasian International Haulier of 2011 and 2017», «Best International Haulier of Belarus of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014, 2017, 2018»;
  • Intertransavto is a member of the United Nations Global Compact in the field of corporate and social responsibility — that ensures creation of favorable working conditions for the staff, implementation of international standards and social investments for benefits of company's business and people of Belarus, improvement of the service quality;
  • Corporate social responsibility towards partners and the business-community — development of public relations built on the principles of mutual understanding and mutual interests.


  • Customer-centered approach — a well-developed system of discounts and tariffs;
  • Flexible tariffs — cash savings;
  • ITA is a licensed customs carrier — possibility of unconvoyed consignment;
  • Customs clearance department;
  • Free of charge execution of export documents (CMR, DTT, EX, T1, etc.);
  • Transportation of dangerous, valuable and oversized cargoes;
  • Transportation of project cargoes;
  • Availability of double-deck curtain trucks (Doubledecks) — economy and convenience: loading capacity is equal to two trailers, the payment for it is like for one and a half trailers;
  • Curtain trailers — possibility of loading and unloading from three sides, no trailer sides, easier to uncurtain;
  • Complete trucks configurations.


  • 100 own curtain trucks — all Euro-5, Euro-6 and all up to 5 years;
  • Standards of trucks dispatching — no more than 3 hours of staying on the fleet;
  • "Just in Time" rate — the shortest time limits of cargo delivery;
  • Economy rate — punctual and lower-priced cargo delivery.


  • Insurance for 1,000,000 ЕUR — absolute protection from losses;
  • Possibility of individual insurance of cargoes;
  • Semitrailers have vandal-proof tents of XL certificate;
  • Our executives are IRU experts in the field of safety loading and cargoes' securing; 
  • Drivers are not allowed to carry out transportation without passing exams.


  • Full transparency of work;
  • Clients can get the information on cargo movement, its status and distance covered per day in every convenient way: in their profile accounts on our website, by e-mail, SMS-notification or calling managers;
  • Our trucks are equipped with: satellite vehicle tracking system 24/7, mobile communication, ADR-facilities, all necessary equipment for securing cargoes;
  • Daily tracking of our trucks' movement by means of GPS-monitoring and control of delivery schedule compliance;
  • Modern IT-technologies developed in the company help us faultlessly process each order.


  • Recognition by international organizations;
  • Environmental policies — all our vehicles comply with the EURO-5 standard;
  • Safety and Quality Assessment for Sustainability Attestation 2021;
  • Management system based on 3 principles: quality (STB ISO 9001-2015), ecology (STB ISO 14001-2017) and occupational safety (STB ISO 45001-2020).

By the way, your groupage cargo can be high-value or dangerous. All our trucks are equipped with complete ADR sets, and the drivers have passed special training and have certificates for ADR transportation.